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Rogue in Maplestory

Hello everybody, this guide will show you how to make a normal claw or dagger thief in MapleStory. And it only takes you to lvl 30.

Rogues must choose what weapon they will use from the very beginning, So its good to know the difference. The difference between claw and dagger thieves is that claw thieves are ranged attackers while dagger thieves are close range attackers.

At kerning pq levels, claw thieves are preferred because they have more accuracy and can hit more of the monsters. Also another type of dagger thief is the Str dagger thief. Their minimum damage is higher than normal dagger thieves but their maximum damage is lower.

When you make your new thief, you should roll his stats so they look something like this:

STR: 4-5
INT: 4-5

Get a 4 in at least str or int. Dex and luk can be whatever because you will mold them into a build. Every time you level, you will get 5 AP points to put into either str, dex, int or luk.

For thieves, you only care about dex and luk. Dex needs to stay 2x your level(MS power leveling, MapleStory mesos) so that you can wear the appropriate gear. Every left over point goes into luk (this determines your attack). Instead, if you want, you can add everything into dex for 2 levels and then everything into luk for 3 levels.

Whatever you choose, you dex/luk should look like this:

LV10: 25 DEX, 37 LUK
LV15: 30 DEX, 57 LUK
LV20: 40 DEX, 72 LUK
LV25: 50 DEX, 87 LUK
LV30: 60 DEX, 102 LUK

For dagger thieves your AP build should look something like this:

LV10: 10 STR, 25 DEX, 31 LUK
LV15: 10 STR, 30 DEX, 51 LUK
LV20: 10 STR, 40 DEX, 66 LUK
LV25: 15 STR, 50 DEX, 76 LUK
LV30: 20 STR, 60 DEX, 86 LUK

Land on Maple Story Mesos island. Get to level 10 by killing the myriad number of snails and mushrooms. Once you reach level 10, take the boat to Victoria Island. Now take the cab to Kerning City and talk to the thief trainer to become a Rogue!

Now moving on to the SP builds.
For claw thieves your build should be as follows:

+1 Lucky Seven (1)
+3 Nimble Body (3)
+8 Keen Eyes (8)
+9 Lucky Seven (10)

-Save your SP for 3 levels-
+10 Lucky Seven (20 MAX)
+3 Disorder (3)
+3 Dark Sight (3)
+17 Nimble Body (20 MAX)
+7 Dark Sight (10)

I choose dark sight over disorder because it's use more often and can save your life sometimes.
For dagger thieves your build should be as follows:

+20 Nimble Body (20 MAX)
+10 Double Stab (10)

-Save up 3 levels-

+10 Double Stab (20 MAX)
+3 Disorder (3)
+3 Dark Sight (3)
+15 Dark Sight (18)

Now that you are level 30, it's time for the job advancement.

Talk to the trainer in Kerning City. He will give you a task to prove yourself. Go to the Construction Site North of Kerning and find the Thief Instructor.

He will transport you to a map where you have to kill the monsters to get the marbles. Once you get 30 of them, go back to the thief trainer in Kerning City. Now choose between Bandit or Assassin.

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